'Sublime Synaesthesia'

- Virtuelle Fjell
(Virtual Mountains)

Time to show the world some progress on me and Tom's digital/virtual exploration of the Mountain. The attached video is a short showcase of scenes applied to a single setting, we are working on the creation of several 3d scanned environments each involving a unique experience based on the abstraction techniques used.


The specific nature of each environment is inspired by the ongoing conversations with a number of professionals and creatives with a close relationship to mountains. The conversations are framed as a fictive dialogue between each individual and an anthropomorphized mountain. The conversations in this showreel involve an artist, a geologist, and a professor in plant ecology. The digital landscapes are created from photogrammetry scans of unique geological formations, using drone footage. These environments are reimagined as augmented digital experience, expressing future predictions, and revealing alternative perspectives on our relationship with sublime nature. As the divide between the digital and the physical realm shrinks rapidly, this work occupies the liminal space between art, architecture and contemporary imaging techniques. Asking the question, how might digital experience expand our understanding of ecology? Exciting the mind to untapped associations by intertwining the physical, the digital and the ephemeral.


This project will continue to evolve in the coming months, we are about to incorporate external datasets into the scenes, underpinning the aberration with real world data.


The audio in the showreel is also directly linked as a sonification extrapolated from topographic data from the displayed scan.

Still images from game. Photo credit: Tom Teulon

stillbilde_storm_2021 copy.jpg
stillbilde_mountain magnet_2021 copy.jpg
stillbilde_grass_2021 copy.jpg