Virtuelle Fjell (Virtual Mountains)


New and very exciting things happening with my Mountain project. With Covid Lockdown easing I've been to the mountains. Finally. First up.. Virtuelle Fjell (Virtual Mountains) (working title)


As a natural continuation of '#Climbing#Mountains' (shown in the USS online issue *In Quarantine), and in

response to the fact that I was stuck in London during most of Covid 19 Lockdown this spring, I am creating a virtual world where you can explore mountains right in your own living room. If for some reason you can not go on a (real) mountain hike, then why not go on a virtual mountain hike? With a drone, I can film a mountain top by flying in circles around it, and with digital photogrammetry I can use the films to reconstruct the mountain as a detailed 3D model. This 3D model can then be easily incorporated into a computer-game world where you as a first person can explore the mountains like in real life (almost). In this virtual mountain world, I want the "player" to explore freely, but I will later add subtle details such as information about vegetation and rocks, and an adaptive soundtrack that changes as the player climbs higher up in the mountains. The soundtrack will be composed using topographic data from the current mountains and is a continuation on the audio-work in Fjellet Kaller, just that i will be editing the sound mostly on my own this time (with a little help from soundy housemates – thank you Stef for helping finalizing sound for demo). This part/chapter focuses on Fjellvettregl (The Norwegian Mountain Code) no. 1; 'Planlegg turen og meld fra hvor du går.' ('Plan your trip and report where you are going.') Big thanks to Tom as usual for all the hard work, introducing me to the amazing new world of 3D modeling and computer games, and for not crashing the drone. Please follow the progress and my love-letter to the the mountain in the news feed and on my instagram.


Video below is a recording from the first demo (quality is not the best as my current computer is struggling a bit.. but a good taster of whats to come)

Untitled-1 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 23.03.19 copy.
Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 23.03.32 copy.