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The Rock,


Trude E. Bekk - LA FJELLA LEVE! -7.jpg
Photo by Lili Zaneta

Picked up a rock from Storheia



made a mold of it


Trude E. Bekk - LA FJELLA LEVE! -13.jpg

crushed it to fine dust



fired it at 1000 °C


What is a mountain? Is the mountain alive? What happens if you remove an elementary component of the mountain? I took a rock from Storheia! Many would argue that even though the mountain has roads and windmills on it, it would still technically be a mountain. Equally I would argue that the mountain would not have the same qualities as it did before, it has been fundamentally changed. So then, what will happen if I fundamentally change the rock? This rock as with much of Storheia is made of granite and as such has taken millions of years to form, it has a strong history, and many unique characteristics as a result of this journey. Chemically however it is made up of almost exactly the same elements as everyday glass. In theory I could crush this rock into powder, and reform it as glass. This leads to the question what is this object now? If you take an object, stand on its neck, twist it, bend it, break it, remove its history and fundamentally change its ability to function, what is left? The reindeerherders talk about the mountain as being alive, but now slowly dying, will the same happen to this rock? The rock was crushed to fine powder, and reformed it at 1000 °C in a mold made from the orignal rock, and it turned into a new version of sandstone (not glass).

© 2020 Trude Bekk
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