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S u b l i m e  S y n a e s t h e s i a  1 . 1  @ ROM
Betraktninger = Observations, Dialogues and Actions

- Tom Teulon & Trude Bekk

"About the exhibition:
The exhibition “Betraktninger = Observations, Dialogues and Actions” is a multifaceted exhibition project that arose through a collaboration between Oslo Architecture Triennale, Master in art and public spaces (MAPS) at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) and ROM for kunst og arkitektur. The three institutions work with different methods targeting the connection between art, architecture, public space and urban planning. This common interest has built the foundation for a collaboration focused on the role of art in neighborhoods.

The thematic angle connects to Oslo Architecture Triennale’s focus on neighborhoods, especially on how art and artists can explore neighborhoods as a space to rethink how we can create better community places in our cities. Through the exhibition and various events, we present 16 projects, exploring our shared surroundings. Most of the projects revolve around the neighborhood encompassing ROM at Maridalsveien 3, while some of the projects stretch out to other districts, from Stovner, Vålerenga and Gamlebyen to Jeløya outside of Moss. The artists question, speculate and show care and consideration in their meetings with the surroundings, people and nature in the different neighborhoods. Several of the projects invite the public to actively participate in their process. They are generous, sensitive and clear in their wish to push forward perspectives rarely included in the public discussion. Maybe that is exactly why artistic perspectives are so valuable, because they make us think about the world and see it in a different light."



Journey into deep time and the violent geological history of the Oslo Rift.

As part of the exhibition project 'Betraktninger = Observations, Dialogues and Actions' we worked on activating geological sights across Oslo with AR experiences responding to the unique characteristics and history of each location. And geologist Henrik H. Svensen guided us on a walk around Akershus Festning, where we got a closer look at rare volcanic rocktypes and dramatic geological formations.

Photo credit: Frank Holtschlag

Photo credit: Frank Holtschlag

Photo credit: Frank Holtschlag

Sublime Synaesthesia is a collection of virtual narratives which explore our relationship with sublime nature through the use of new digital technologies. The project seeks to expand our understanding of environment to include a multitude of diverse overlapping ecosystems functioning outside of anthropocentric perceptions of place.

This iteration of the project concerns the formation of the Oslo Rift, informed by and created in conversation with geologist Henrik H. Svensen. Oslo may seem an unlikely place to experience the sublime but in the liminal spaces of the city one can read the fingerprints of a deep and violent past. A story of changing climates and explosive volcanic eruptions. Far from being an inert commodity, the ground beneath our feet is a snapshot of a dynamic geological saga played out over millions of years.

The work is formed of two parts, the virtual experience housed at ROM simulates an abstract journey into the past, following the formation of the Oslo Rift from a calm temperate landscape through to the magma chambers deep in the earth’s crust; accompanying this is an AR tour which activates geological sights across
the city with AR experiences responding to the unique characteristics and history of each location.

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Sublime Synaesthesia 1.1 @ ROM

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