New and very exciting things happening with my Mountain project. With Covid Lockdown easing I've been to the mountains. Finally. Second... SUBLIME

THE passion caused by the great and sublime in nature, when those causes operate most powerfully, is Astonishment; and astonishment is that state of the soul, in which all its motions are suspended, with some degree of horror. In this case the mind is so entirely filled with its object, that it cannot entertain any other, nor by consequence reason on that object which employs it. Hence arises the great power of the sublime, that far from being produced by them, it anticipates our reasonings, and hurries us on by an

irresistible force. Astonishment, as I have said, is the effect of the sublime in its highest degree; the inferior effects are admiration, reverence and respect (Edmund Burke).

As part/chapter number 3 I've been pursuing the Sublime. In fog, rain and strong wind I've been scrambling in the scree among sharp mountain peaks with the camera. This has become an ongoing black and white photo series. 'Sublime' is based on Fjellvettregel (The Norwegian Mountain Code) no. 7; 'Bruk kart og kompass. Vit alltid hvor du er.' ('Use a map and compass. Always know where you are. ' and has a slightly ironic twist in that in one of the mountains I went to, the rock masses were so magnetic that it is said to mess with your compass (lucky I know how to navigate with the smartphone).


Here's a little sneak peak:

sublime 1 copy.jpg
sublime 2 copy.jpg
sublime 4 copy.jpg
sublime 3 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 22.02.37.png