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– The project Fjellet Kaller (Call of the Mountain) is focusing on the Mountain. In the face of ecological annihilation I am using Fjellvettreglene (The Norwegian Mountain Code) as a framework for investigating the importance of the Mountain on a material, environmental and a human level. Treating the code as a guide to understand the mountain's function in the biosphere and the place it holds in the human psyche. This exhibition is based on Fjellvettregel no. 2: 'Adapt the planned routes according to ability and conditions', and consists of found image material combined with text written in collaboration with rock climbers, geologists, photographers, rescue workers, philosophers, artists et al. where man is in conversation with the mountain. Visitors can also hear the Call of the Mountain in a separate installation with sound-art composed using topological, geological and weather related data from selected mountains and mountain areas.

Trude Bekk (b 1989), is a Norwegian artist and holds a MA in Fine Art from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Her practice focuses closely on environmental art and current climate-politics, as well as cultural studies, human impact on nature (.. and nature's impact on the human).


Live performance @opening night (21.00 – 21.20)
Audiovisual music installation based on elements from the exhibition by Derek Szeto.

Performer and collaborator: London-based Derek Szeto is a multidisciplinary audiovisual practitioner, producing and performing visuals for African Head Charge, Mick Harris, Scald Process, Grave Miasma, Glastonbury, Mugako festival, Katharsis, Crux, Bangface among others. He also produces music and DJs under the Stormfield alias, performs music in collaboration under aliases like Fausten and Scald Process, and runs his own label Combat Recordings.

Opening hours:
Exhibition opening Friday 06.03. - 8pm to 10pm
Saturday 07.03 - 12pm to 4pm
Sunday 08.03 - 12pm to 4pm

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Learn more about the project here. And check out Galleri Blunk's website here.

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