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Fjellet Kaller (Call of the Mountain),


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The exhibition consists of found image material combined with text written in collaboration with rock climbers, geologists, photographers, rescue workers, philosophers, artists et al. where man is in conversation with the mountain. Visitors could also hear the Call of the Mountain in a separate installation with sound-art composed using topological, geological and weather related data from selected mountains and mountain areas.

For the text I invite to conversation with a wide range of voices, geologists, reindeer herders, rock climbers, environmental scientists, philosophers and artists, those who live in the mountains, those who use the mountain and those who are just passionate the mountain. Asking two questions:


1: 'What would you say to the Mountain if the Mountain asked you for advice?'

2: 'What would you say to man if you were the Mountain?'


Big thank you to everyone contributing to this exhibition. Adrian Bugge, Ane K. Engvik, Tom Heldal, Marius Haugaløkken, Arne Larsen, Ralph Høibakk, Eirik Moldestad Halvorsen, Bjørn Arild Fjeldsbø, Terje Risberg og Christian A. Klöckner for incredible texts. Sound artist Derek Szeto for collaboration with the sound piece, and for a live preformance on the opening night. Tom Teulon for all the help both with production and installation.

© 2020 Trude Bekk
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'Fjellet Kaller' ('Call of the Mountain') is a solo exhibition that was selected for the spring program at Galleri Blunk in Trondheim, Norway, and was shown 6. - 8.03. The exhibition was realised as part of an ongoing bigger archiving project where I examine the importance of the Mountain on a material, environmental and a human level. Investigating the role that the mountain has played in history, in the present and will play in the future, and how the mountain is affected by and also affects the increasingly prominent environmental changes.

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002 text 2 m bilde 7.jpg

'What would you say to the Mountain if the Mountain asked you for advice?'

004 bilder kortvegg.jpg
Skjermbilde 2020-02-07 kl. 19.33.16.jpg
010 album & kvikk-lunsj.jpg
006 start screen.jpg
vassfjellet insta.jpg
STE 3.jpg
SYV 2.jpg
BESS 3.jpg

Click on the mountain-path images in line above to hear the respective mountain song

005 screen besseggen.jpg

Using a geographic information system (GIS) software I can gather map data from open sources e.g. or NASA and extract specific data from points on the map by simply drawing up a path, and then transform the numbers from a table into sound. For this sound piece I used maps containing hight data, human footprint, precipitation and temperature. Derek Szeto created the sound and visuals based on my vision and map data using TouchDesigner.

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