At the End of the Black Rainbow,


At the end of the black rainbow 1-kopi-m

'At the end of the rainbow lays the gold

the hopes and dreams, the bright future,

the magic land and all the good things

well sought after and impossible to reach.'

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'At the End of the Black Rainbow' is a photo-series, and an ongoing archival project consisting of photos depicting small everyday oil-spills, collected over the last 5 years (above you can see just a few selected pictures). These everyday, and relatively small, oil-spills actually contribute way more to ocean pollution than the huge oil-spills from oilplatforms that hog all the media coverage, and through this project I wish to shine some light on a lager environmental issue using these familiar objects. The photos appear as painterly picturesque and full of color, that seem attractive to the audience, until you realize that it is actually an oil spill. And has proven to be great way of creating awareness, and to initiate discussion and conversation.


With the title 'At the End of the Black Rainbow' I refer to the old myth that there should be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but in this case the rainbow is the oil and it is black, and the gold represent the national and the global wealth from oil drilling. On a rainy morning you can see these rainbow-colored splurges on the ground along the roads, they are stunningly beautiful and you can be completely enthralled if you look really closely. To me, the beautiful colors represents how wonderful an oil adventure like Norway's might seem on the surface. But below the surface, the oil adventure is not as glamorous. In our time with more and more prominent climate problems, oil is really one of the big monsters, but even though we know this, we are so used to and dependent on the oil that we cannot let go. Even now with the oil prices dropping we are still coming up with new drilling plans, while the planet is disintegrating. It all goes to shows that this perfect "wealth" is just as impossible to find at the end of the Black Rainbow as a pot of gold.

© 2020 Trude Bekk